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Cyber bullying in the workplace

by Slava 18. January 2011 14:54

Usually, bullying is associated with school students and playgrounds. But according to a 2010 Zogby International Survey, “35% of United States employees have been bullied in the workplace before, about 11% have been cyberbullied, and an additional 15% have been witness to other coworkers being bullied”. As computers and Internet become a reality of everyday work, cyber-activities become more and more dominant in the workplace. Cyber bullying can include sending of offensive emails, blog posts, comments on popular social websites (such as Facebook or Twitter). Similar statistics indicates, that “81% of bullies in the workplace are managers, which intimidates employees to keeping quiet, so a lot of cyberbullying goes unreported”. And according to the National Institute of Occupational Safety Health (NIOSH), mental illness caused by bullying in the workplace results in a loss of employment amounting to $19 billion and a $3 billion loss in productivity.

In 2010 Healty Workspace Bill has been introduced in 18 states. It received an overwhelming support from the public and legislators and now it is well on its way to becoming law and substantially changing legal rights of victims of cyberbullying. This bill puts responsibility for cyber bullying in the workplace on employers, who should provide save (in all senses) environment for workers.

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