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Parents outraged about cyber-bullying

by Joe 2. December 2009 16:08

There was an ABC story about entire Facebook group has been created as a way
to bully a girl from Martin Middle School in Raleigh.
Members of the group were inviting kids at the school to join the
cyber-bullying page and show they agree with the personal insult.
One mom found this invitation on her son's computer. Another mom went to
Wake County schools to have them intervene. Principal contacted parents of
four students who joined the cyber-bullying page.

Officials say cyber-bullying in some cases is a violation of the state's
cyber-stalking law, which carries misdemeanor penalties.

Michael Evans with Wake Public Schools said:" "It's not technically the
purview of the school system for somebody to do something outside on
Facebook, using their own computer".
"It's not spying," He said. "It's keeping abreast of what your student is
doing online and where they are going."
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12/3/2009 4:48:07 PM #

i am a mother of a 15 year old young lady who is always online or texting. i am very concerned with cyber-bullying issue. i made a google search and found your company. it seems that you just released a free verison of a new monitoring software. i will give a try. hopefully that will help me and my husband gently monitor her cyber activities. thank you and good luck in your business

Rachel United States

6/8/2010 3:40:05 PM #

This program is quite amazing, once you understand how to use it correctly. It is easiest to deploy it manually and have one 'server' computer which then collects the data for review. If anyone knows of a manual or such, I will appreciate notification of its' location. Once I have implemented a few mods it will be set for good. The manual is needed to identify how to do a couple of minor changes, thats if the program is capable.


Steve Australia

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