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Facebook-fueled “rager” party caused $45,000 in damage

by Slava 28. April 2010 16:03

The urbandictionary defines “rager” as:

“A larger gathering usually of highschool or college students where massive amounts of alcohol are consumed”.

Well, this sounds like a big trouble, is not it?

But big trouble can easy become a big disaster if social networking is involved. This is a typical story: parents went to the trip to Paris and left their 18-year old son in charge of the house. So far nothing is unusual. I've been in this shoes first as a teenager, second as a parent. But in this case son's schoolmates announced a “rager” on Facebook. As News Channel 8 reported, “Close to 100 kids showed up and caused $45,000 in damage.”

As parents said: “They couldn't possibly imagine...what this must be like for the family because this has turned our life inside out, upside down.” Police arrested four teenagers in connection with this case. The power of social networks can multiply trouble into a disaster several times fold. This is the power of modern technology. What you as a parent need to know – how it is been used.


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