ASM Software News

11/20/2013 We are excited to announce that our website now supports PayPal payments.

04/05/2012 BlackBox Pro and Pro Plus build 229 are ready for download. This a new release with user interface improvements and bug fixes.

02/08/2012 BlackBox Professional and BlackBox Pro Plus build 226 are ready for download. This a maintenance release with lots of bug fixes based from our users feedback.

07/28/2011 ASM Software announces the latest addition to BlackBox product line - BlackBox Pro Plus Control Panel with extension of licensing offerings of BlackBox Professional up to 200 computers. We encourage all our current enterprise customers to try them both.

04/24/2011 BlackBox Professional build 198 is ready for download. This build include bug fixes and improved email and text massages notifications for alerts and warnings.

03/26/2011 BlackBox Pro build 195 is ready. This is a maintenance with bug fixes.

01/20/2011 BlackBox Professional build 192 is on the website. This update includes better internationalization support for non-English localities.

12/30/2010 BlackBox Professional SP 1 (build 183) is ready. New features include: Support of monitoring of multiple user sessions (which includes monitoring of RDP, Fast User Switching and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure environments), unique support of Windows Live Messenger 2011 and international keystroke interception. Also lots of bug fixes are are in this Service Pack.

11/07/2010 BlackBox Professional build 178 and BlackBox Express build 85 are ready. Both builds include bug fixes and monitoring improvements.

10/24/2010 ASM Software announces new extension of BlackBox product line: BlackBox Security Monitor Express and BlackBox Security Monitor Professional. Check out our redesigned website today and try our new exciting products!

09/19/2010 BlackBox Security Monitor build 77 is posted on the website. This is a maintenance update with bug fixes.

07/01/2010 BlackBox Security Monitor build 73 is ready. It includes improvements in email monitoring and notifications as well as lot of bug fixes. Give it a try today!

05/26/2010 BlackBox Security Monitor build 71 is posted to the website. This is a maintenance update with bug fixes.

04/10/2010 BlackBox Security Monitor build 69 has been posted to the web site.

02/12/2010 BlackBox Security Monitor build 64 is featured now on Softpedia Web site. “We are impressed with the quality of your product and encourage you to keep these high standards in the future.” stated in the email from Softpedia team. BlackBox Security Monitor has been granted "100% CLEAN" Softpedia award to assure that it is completely clean from any spyware/adware.

02/05/2010 BlackBox Security Monitor build 64 is ready. This is a software compatibility update.

01/22/2010 ASM Software announces Website overhaul. Several improvements include better user interface layout mainly on My Account page. Check it out today!

12/14/2009 New build 63 of BlackBox Security Monitor is posted to the website. This is a maintenance update.

11/15/2009 BlackBox Security Monitor build 58 is posted to the website. Major changes include improvements in user interface and added features for diagnostics and troubleshooting.

11/01/2009 New build 56 of BlackBox Security Monitor is ready. This is mostly maintenance update with bug fixes. Logon to download it today!

11/01/2009 We are live! Our website is up and running.